Weather could impact Thanksgiving travel

Weather could impact Thanksgiving travel

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Weather could have a major impact on Thanksgiving travel, especially on Sunday’s busy return trip home, according to award-winning meteorologist Brad Field. High school football games on Wednesday and Thursday could also feel the effects of the weather, especially with high winds, Field told co-host Dan Lovallo in his weekly podcast.

In the podcast, Field and Lovallo also talk about the weather for the annual Thanksgiving Day road race in Manchester, CT and how winds could hinder Thursday’s Macy’s parade in New York City.

If that is not enough, the big news could be Sunday, the official start of winter on the meteorologist calendar. Winter weather could pack a punch for portions of Connecticut and north, according to Field. It even gets more interesting, after the first week of December. Field and Lovallo go so far as to speculate whether we should be “dreaming of a white Christmas.”

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