Cold and pesky storms on the horizon for Connecticut and New England

Cold persists. Pesky storms?

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After a slight break with moderating temperatures, cold weather will return with the chance for a couple of pesky storms infiltrating Connecticut and the region next week, according to award-winning meteorologist Brad Field. In his weekly podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo, Field said next week’s storm tracks are still a work in progress but a change could create interesting consequences for our weather.

Brad also said he has not seen any pattern changes in the last week that would lead him to revise his long-range winter forecast, which you can listen to hear. Brad and Dan also talked about some the future plans for the podcast, as it approaches the one-year anniversary.

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  1. Hey Brad and Dan! Once again a wonderful podcast as usual… Enjoy them very much and it great that you explain to the people out there in their county or city what to expect when it would start and the duration of this first winter storm of the season…Please know that you have alot of people that appreciate you and new fans that listen or read on your Facebook page and or Instagram.,..I like that Dan asks the Questions I would ask also, as the two different maps the European model…
    But people have to heed with caution where they are going to and slow down once the Snow gets here.,.
    Thanks again Brad and Dan for your weekly report,taking time out of your busy schedule for us and the weather! ☺️

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