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Big spring warm up follows rain in Connecticut

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Today, Sep. 28: Mostly sunny; 66-72.

Tonight: Variable cloudiness; 46-52.

Thursday: Mostly sunny; 60s.

Friday: Mostly sunny; 60s.

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  • Rain prelude to big warm up | Ep. 159
    Connecticut will be hit with back-to-back rain storms on Apr. 6 and Apr. 7, followed by a mild spell for the weekend that will blossom into a big, spring warm up. That is the prediction of meteorologist Brad Field in his season-ending podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo. Field outlines where the two rain storms are…
  • Saturday storm for Connecticut, then…| Ep. 158
    Connecticut will get slammed with a winter storm on Sat., Mar. 12 with a combination of precipitation and high winds. Some areas west and north of the I-84 corridor could receive up to five inches of snow. The storm will also include a bombogenesis. Meteorologist Brad Field breaks it all down with his podcast co-host…
  • Snowstorms loom for Connecticut | Ep. 157
    Don’t put those snow shovels away just yet, Connecticut. Meteorologist Brad Davis predicts several storms could be looming for the region over the next 14 days. In his weekly podcast, Field notes how mild weather will be ushered in over Sun., Mar. 6 and Mon., Mar. 7, accompanied by rain. Temperatures will then turn colder….
  • Friday storm packs winter wallop for Connecticut | Ep. 156
    Connecticut will be walloped with a winter storm on Friday, Feb. 25, before cold weather settles in for a considerable stretch, according to meteorologist Brad Field. In his weekly podcast, Field predicts a low pressure system coming out of the midwest, will spark a low front off the Atlantic coast, setting up a Nor’easter for…
  • Connecticut in store for wild weather swings | Ep. 155
    Connecticut is in store for some wild swings in the weather from Feb. 17 into early March, according to meteorologist Brad Field. The recent, mild weather, rain and lack of snow cover should not lull people into thinking of an early spring arrival, Field told his audience and co-host Dan Lovallo. One weather model predicts…

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