Several inches of snow could be dumped on Connecticut on Dec. 16, 2020.

Major snowstorm possible Dec. 16 for Connecticut

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Connecticut and the region could be faced with its first major snowstorm of the winter season on Dec. 16 into 17, according to meteorologist Brad Field. The storm could dump several inches of snow on the region Field said in his weekly podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo.

Temperatures, which have been barely above freezing for most of the week of Dec. 7, will moderate through Dec. 13, before the weather changes. Field said do not be fooled by temperatures that could reach the mid-50s over the Dec. 12-13 weekend. In tracing the storm origins and storm track, Field explains why it has all the ingredients of classic, winter snowstorm.

In the podcast, Field also looked back at last week’s storm and explained why there were varying snow amounts from a trace in some areas to several inches in other spots.

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