Look for a dramatic change in Connecticut's weather, come Sep. 13, 2020.

Good-bye summer, Connecticut

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Connecticut’s weather is about to take a dramatic turn, according to meteorologist Brad Field. After a rainy, Sep. 10, the weather will turn delightful on Friday and Saturday, Field explained to co-host Dan Lovallo and his podcast audience. But after a transitional weather day on Sunday, Sep. 13, the weather will turn downright fall-like, a week before the autumn season officially arrives.

Sep. 10 also marks the mid-way point of the hurricane season. Field and Lovallo delve into that topic and what’s on the horizon. In fact, Sep. 21 could be interesting in the Florida Keys, according to Field.

The weather has been interesting, like everything else in 2020, as Field and Lovallo talk about the amazing weather change in Denver and the fires in the far West. What this all means for Connecticut’s weather is also a topic of discussion.

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