The drought persists in Connecticut and the weather is about to turn colder.

Drought and cold for Connecticut

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Drought-like conditions persist in Connecticut, according to meteorologist Brad Field in his latest podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo. Field states there does not appear to be any significant rain in the offing. Adding to the atmosphere is a dramatic change in the weather, with cooler than normal temperatures about to infiltrate the region.

In the podcast, Field and Lovallo also discuss the active tropics, including the latest on Sally and what is on the horizon for Bermuda on Sep. 21. But as for rain in Connecticut, that is another story all together, Field stated.

Are the fires in the west, having an impact on Connecticut? Yes they are, according to Field. As for down the road, it appears that a La Nina is beginning to form and that could make for an interesting winter around New England, as the podcast co-hosts explain.

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