Brad Field
Dan Lovallo

“I have always had a passion for weather that was fueled during my numerous radio interviews with Brad.  Now I get to renew that passion with this podcast,” added Lovallo, who also broadcasts Hartford Yard Goats baseball games, college basketball and high school football games.

Field, a meteorologist for 40 years, delivered weather forecasts on NBC Connecticut for nearly 35 years.  He is currently the chief meteorologist for New England Skywatch Weather.

The podcast will be co-hosted by veteran broadcaster Dan Lovallo, as Field and Lovallo reprise the numerous radio interviews they conducted, during Lovallo’s time at WDRC radio in Hartford.

The podcast will not only focus on Connecticut weather but the weather across the country.  It will include the immediate weather, the long range forecast and the “why behind the weather.”  The first two episodes are already available on iTunes and in the other directories, including  Field ‘s always popular winter season forecast.  He also previews the Christmas Day weather.

“I’m looking forward to the podcast,” Field stated.  “When you work your hobby, it’s said you never work a day in your life.  I’ve retired from television, but this is my hobby and it will probably be my hobby – predicting the weather – until the day I die.”