Major weather changes coming to Connecticut.

Connecticut on verge of plunging into deep winter

Enjoy the almost “boring weather” Connecticut is experiencing, says meteorologist Brad Field, because the state and continental USA are in store for dramatic weather changes. Because of warming temperatures above the North Pole, combined with the so-called Greenland block, the nation is about to be plunged into the depths of winter the likes we have not experienced in quite some time. Atmospheric conditions are serving as a pathway for the return of a Polar Vortex.

In his weekly podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo, Field explains that the weather changes in the Arctic are already underway, serving as a portent of what we can expect, starting around Jan. 14, 2021. What this all means is all sorted out by Field in this latest episode.

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  1. Very interesting podcast. Some snow will be okay, but no need to meet “Larry”‘s sibling.

    “In fair weather prepare for foul.” Thomas Fuller

  2. Brad Field is the MAN he is my mentor ( Even though i am only a weather freak) he taught me everything I know just by watching him. Brad always took the time out to respond to all of my questions, they don’t come any betterf

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