Snowstorm to hit

Snow, weekend storm, Arctic cold

A clipper system will dump two to five inches of snow across Connecticut from late Wednesday, Feb. 27 into Thursday, but as March approaches, it may be just the opening salvo of a winter-stretch.

In his latest podcast, meteorologist Brad Field talks about the snowstorm expected to cross Connecticut on Wednesday, but once the storm clears on Thursday morning, the door will open to some very interesting weather.

Field details what is on the doorstep with co-host Dan Lovallo. The hint is, don’t expect an early spring arrival.

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  1. Brad, Enjoyed your pod cast as usual!
    Remember last March we were freezing and those 3 weeks of nor’easters! But they would come stay then right after that 60 degrees! Be looking forward to the one on Friday Maybe something brewing for Saturday!

  2. Looks very interesting this weekend and unusually cold all of next week…week if 3/11 models look cold and stormy, too.ll

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