Hurricane Isaias could impact Connecticut.

Isaias could impact Connecticut

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Hurricane Isaias will more than likely impact Connecticut, according to meteorologist Brad Field. In his weekly weather podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo, Field explains the early indications on where the hurricane path is headed and the Nutmeg State is expected to feel at least part of the hurricane.

In the podcast, Field and Lovallo discuss the immediate forecast for July 31 through the early part of the week of Aug. 2 and also remind the audience that they will record a special hurricane podcast on Monday, Aug. 3.

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  1. Thanks for the update, Brad! Hoping the northeast corner sees some rain. We’ve seen everything between .25 to 2″. We need it terribly so we’ll take as much as we can get! The wells, lawns and pools are desperate!

    Happy 100th Podcast!!! Take care and thanks for keeping us posted!

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