Field: Two snowstorms possible next week

Enjoy the relatively tranquil weather of the last week – including temperatures in the 60s. In his latest podcast, meteorologist Brad Field says indicators seem to be pointing toward two snowstorms within five days.

Feb. 12 and 16

Field tells co-host Dan Lovallo that Feb. 12 and Feb. 16 should be circled on the calendar because both those dates could bring substantial snow fall. Not only that, the various models used by forecasters to predict storms, seem to be in agreement on the type of precipitation that could fall across all of Connecticut.

Super Bowl review

Field and Lovallo also delve into other weather topics in this podcast and look back on their Super Bowl predictions last week.

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  1. Brad great podcast again. You are very informative and a great teacher of meteorology. Brad I’ve been studying meteorology since grammar school and 2 1/2 years into college. I learned of the Greenland block when you explained it when you were doing a weathercast at WVIT when Joanne Nesti was an anchor. You were and are my favorite meteorologist. I will be in Connecticut in March and April and I hope to meet up with to talk weather climate. We can have coffee and… ( Connecticut expression) lol. Keep coaching, parenting, and teaching meteorology. You’re the best man

  2. Another educational week and update on the status of storm Brad! I really look forward to them!
    Hopefully it won’t be as bad, I love Snow but when I have to drive from Portland to Hartford for special Drs and I don’t like driving in bad weather as I used to!
    As to the Patriots,I told everyone from Day one they would win the Super bowl, but Hey! Who listens to a 60 year old woman who loves sports plays fantasy football for fun and of Todd Piro and his Giants and Yankees need I say more? 🙄
    (PS…he knows I’m kidding).
    Excellent job on the Podcast Brad,I appreciate your time and hard work it takes to do this! Till Next Week! 🙂⛷️

    1. I could not be more honored by your comments! Exactly what Dan and I are striving to do!
      No doubt Patriots played best football of the season in the playoffs! That’s coaching!

  3. Brad, love the postcasts! Thanks for taking the time to make it possible and giving accurate weather forecast especially when there is a lot of very inaccurate ones othe there. Kinda of bummed that this upcoming storm won’t be all snow and Thsr next weekends (Feb 16) looks like rain with temps in the 60’s

    1. Next weekend storm whether it is wet or white is predicated on whether secondary forms on coast…I am not a believer in that warm solution at this point!

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