Hurricane season about to heat up as it reaches its peak.

Connecticut, tropics heat up

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After a respite in heat and humidity, Connecticut’s weather will heat up, starting on Aug. 22, according to meteorologist Brad Field. The week of Aug. 23 will also bring some uncertainty, because of the position of a cold front, Field told co-host Dan Lovallo in their weekly weather podcast. Meanwhile, the high point of the hurricane season starts on Aug. 20 and the stage is set for the tropics to be very active, Field stated.

Active tropics

Field discusses the reason behind the active tropics and previews what the weather might be like in Connecticut over the next three weeks. For certain, there will be changes, particularly as the amount of daylight continues to diminish. For example, since the beginning of summer, Connecticut has lost one hour and 37 minutes of daylight, as of Aug. 20.

Farmer’s Almanac

The Old Farmer’s Almanac is also out with its preview of the 2020-21 winter forecast and Field and Lovallo have fun discussing the predictions, and Field’s viewpoint on how accurate the Almanac has been over the years.

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