Is our spring-like weather the calm before the storm?

Calm before the storm? | Ep. 183

Is it the calm before the storm? Meteorologist Brad Field is predicting spring-like temperatures for Connecticut and the region from Feb. 8 through Feb. 12, but could their be a snowstorm in our future? Field, in his podcast with co-host Dan Lovallo, is forecasting dramatic weather changes between Feb. 13 and March 1 and that could include three to four weather-events, as Field outlines in this episode.

Time stamps:

  • 0:00- Intro
  • 4:20- On The Weather Map
  • 7:50- High pressure
  • 10:44- Weather models
  • 12:12- Windshield wiper affect
  • 17:37- Long range forecast
  • 23:47- Immediate forecast
  • 24:13- Weather history

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