Snow and Cold

Snow! Cold! And then comes February

Brad Field says three computer models are indicating what could happen with our next storm. The award-winning meteorologist, in his latest podcast, thinks the storm could trend more toward snow, despite the predictions of a mix for January 29 into January 30. Also in the podcast, Field makes the following points:

  • Chicago could record low temperatures and some of that weather will head toward New England
  • The best – or depending on how you view it – the worst is still to come, when February arrives
  • And what about the different weather calendar used by meteorologists?

All that and more are discussed by Field and veteran Connecticut broadcaster Dan Lovallo.

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  1. Hello ~ I am Mary Jo T. ‘s aunt. I met you at her home years ago. I was a teacher in Torrington and had a special needs child that loved Dan Lovallo on the radio. Everyday she would talk about him. So with that said……I wish the two of you the best of luck.

  2. Very Good Podcast Brad with Don! With what I been watching with weather and watching with the maps with you and my own I think the European Models are usually right I believe..,I really hope there is no storms going to be around in Feb 4th! I have a infusion up at St Francis Hospital early for my MS ,I stay up there 6 hours, I get the infusions every six months but if I we get any bad weather I don’t leave the house!
    But anyway Brad I love the Podcasts and I hope your getting a lot of people for your Podcasts!

    1. Feel free to check in as we get closer to February 4…at this point, not concerned about travel…all the best, Terry!

    1. We learn as much from our listeners as we know about broadcasting! There are many great opinions out there, if you simply ask!

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