Ice could impact storm

Field says ice could impact snowstorm

Ice could be a major factor in the upcoming snowstorm expected to impact the region Saturday night into Sunday, according to meteorologist Brad Field.

In his latest podcast, Field discusses with Dan Lovallo how atmospheric conditions could lead to ice on top of the snowfall – expected to reach 10 inches or more in some portions of Connecticut. Throw in bone-chilling temperatures and 30 MPH winds in the storm’s aftermath and you have the recipe for power outages across Connecticut.

And if you’re hoping for moderating temperatures later in the week, well don’t count on that either. Field details it all, while also providing a weather outlook for Sunday’s AFC Championship game between the New England Patriots and Chiefs in Kansas City.

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  1. Loved your PodCast Brad! It’s very Interesting,and very Informative too!
    It’s very helpful for people who need to prepare for the storm and not wait till the Snow is flying!
    Thanks for also doing this Podcast for your television followers who been loyal for a very long time…It’s very hard to get used to someone else where no one else can.never replace you, no matter how hard they try .
    So thank you for that I enjoy all your Podcasts keep them coming!
    I’m shocked that you just got a generator just after those two Whopper storms, but hey we have a very important game with Kansas City and our Beloved New England Patriots! Good Choice!
    Final Score my Prediction
    New England. 28
    Kansas City. 17

    1. Terry, thanks SO MUCH for the loyalty and the trust! Just learning how to respond to comments on the website, learning curve 😊

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