The week of August 16 should produce spectacular weather for Connecticut.

Connecticut can expect spectacular weather

Connecticut can expect spectacular weather, according to meteorologist Brad Field. The week of August 16 is the week to be on vacation, Field told his audience and podcast co-host Dan Lovallo. The weather, after Monday, August 17, will be especially outstanding.

In the podcast, Field and Lovallo also look back at Tropical Storm Isaias and what changed from the original forecast. They discuss the power outages and also compare the storm to previous storms in the region.

Spectacular weather

After a chance of precipitation, leading into the week of August 16, Field explains why the weather will turn nearly perfect, beginning on August 17, as he and Lovallo go into their “On the Weather Map” segment.

Record 90-degree days?

Field and Lovallo also look at the number of 90-degree days in Connecticut this summer and how it compares to previous summers. Could Connecticut set a record? It is possible, but the podcast hosts detail the hours of daylight and how that will impact whether a new record will be established.

What about Josephine?

Will there be another tropical storm on the horizon? Field discusses the latest tropical depression, which is expected to form into Tropical Storm Josephine and the chances the region could be on the receiving end of the storm.

Salute to linemen

With near record power outages, because of the tropical storm, Field and Lovallo also offer a salute to those on the front lines, who worked hard to restore power to the region.

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